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Long story short (and sweet): 

Some 30 years back two very different people from two very different backgrounds and life stories decided to start a life together. My mother is German and my father comes from Mauritius island. I was born and raised on this beautiful island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, until I decided at the age of 24 to go discover the other half of my roots.

There are two sides to a coin. The two sides of my coin are contrary from one another. One side is colourful, alive, laid back, is a bit chaotic and somewhat more emotional; like the island. The other side of the coin has more accuracy, is more detail oriented, more specific, more mathematical like Germany.  

Painting Mandalas has given me a space where I get to blend the dualities. The paintings allow me to play with colours that remind me of home; the vibrant blues of the sea, the warmth in the brown of the earth, the redness of litchis, green sugar-cane fields, the flowers, the vegetables, the people…. How wonderful it is to put nature’s colours onto a canvas and flow with it! While all of this happens and lives on, the German side brings in consistency, order and discipline. Each line has its role to play in order to create the whole.


∴ A Mandala, or circle in old Sanskrit, represents more than just patterns and forms painted in harmony. A Mandala is a small world of its own. In fact, in Buddhism and Hinduism the Mandala symbolises the universe. They are a form of meditative practice∴

Every Mandala painted is a unique piece, a unique micro universe. Combining colours and carefully giving attention to each line or dot, is a whole journey in its own. Painting Mandalas has become a method of active meditation. To be able to share with you this moment visually on a canvas gives me joy beyond words!

Thank you for passing by, and for sharing this moment with me! I hope you have a nice time here looking through the paintings.

I am happy to hear from you! Contact me for any enquiry you may have.

If you wish to order a Mandala just for you, please write me all of your wishes: size, colour, details etc..

Much love, more peace