Blue मण्डल

Blue is the colour of the oceans, our skies… It is calming and trustworthy. It is the colour with which we describe our home; the blue planet. It represents water where life took birth.

Blue has a calming, soothing and pure energy

That is the power of throat chakra color. Blue is also at the cooler end of the spectrum, where things slow down, allowing you to take time to be still.

All mandalas have been painted with love and are unique. No two mandalas are the same. A mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. I hope to create a mandala suitable to each person’s universe.
Paint used: acrylic colours. Cotton canvas spread on wood.
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Berlin 40 cm x 60 cm
I love Berlin. A piece of my heart got lost there and I still haven’t found it yet. I probably might just leave it there as well so that I have a valid reason to always go visit Berlin again and again. The mandala is structured, diverse, fun and fresh. Just like the city’s atmosphere. The energy of both the city and the mandala can be felt as soon as looked at. Fall in love with this energy and feel the boost.
This piece has been to London and was showcased at the Parallax Art Exhibition.


40 cm x 60 cm .available.

Tijani 100 cm x 100 cm
This mandala makes me think about my little brother, who isn’t so little anymore; he is now taller than me and my father! His name is actually Al-Tijani and in Arabic it means something like the cherry on top of the cake. His name stands for reaching goals, the last fine-touch. The Mandala is strong and quite masculine, with a defined center.


100 cm x 100 cm .not available.

Blue Bay 75 cm x 75 cm
A mandala inspired from home land Mauritius. Blue Bay next to Mahebourg, a village where back then when Mauritius was found the first sailors set foot. I like to imagine warm sunny Blue Bay untouched, with a few dodos, fallen coconuts in the white sand and birds singing in the palm trees.
Imagine this heaven after months of sailing. Of course men made this land to their home.


70 cm x 70 cm .not available.

Seeshaupt 40cm x 40cm
Starnberger See is a beautiful lake in the south of Germany.


40 cm x 40 cm .not available.

Dancing Flames 40cm x 40cm
The sun in the blue sky. The blue, the orange, the yellow of the flames. This piece has been to London and was showcased at the Parallax Art Exhibition.


40 cm x 40 cm .not available.

Carola 40cm x 40cm


40 cm x 40 cm .not available.

Bavaria 50cm x 50cm


50 cm x 50 cm .not available.

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